Emmerlee Sherman


Hi! My name is Emmerlee, but most people call me Em. I am a wedding, portrait and underwater photographer based in the Twin Cities.

I am a Pisces. It’s no wonder that I love spending time in the water.

When I was a child, I loved fairy tales. Mermaids, fairies, angels and dancers! And now they come and play in the pool.

When I was 5 I learned to knit and sew. I spent my childhood working in my grandmother’s yarn shop. I always have at least 3 projects going at any given time. I love the colors, textures, feel, and potential that yarn and fabric has. I have had fun buying dresses, ripping them up and making things to use underwater. I have an entire room full of dresses, skirts, tops and mermaid tails.

My grandparents were architects and I spent time working in the office drafting and lettering. It started my love affair with buildings and architecture. One of my favorite things about photographing underwater is the reflections and mirror images on the surface of the water.

Color, lines, structure, design, architecture, energy, movement, water and fun - these are the things that inspire my art and drive my images.

I look forward to meeting you and creating images together!! Em