The first step is to book your session. There are 3 types of water sessions. Underwater, rain or surface. You can choose any or all of them.

Collaboration on these sessions can be as much or as little as you like. I have some clients who have lots of ideas, and some that have no expectations or ideas at all!   No matter where you are, we’re going to have a great time, and I know this session will inspire and amaze you.

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After your session is secured, we’ll work together on building the aesthetics of the session from if you need makeup for the session to a full wardrobe consultation. I have an entire room of dresses, skirts, tops, mermaid tails. So many options!

During this important process, I’ll concentrate on what you are looking for and make suggestions for outfits and looks based on my experience and some ideas that will be for fun and discovery.


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The pool is kept at 90 degrees. We cycle the water for the rain booth from the pool to keep it comfortably warm. There is also a hot tub to warm up if the day is a little chilly.

After your session you’ll set up an appointment to view your images and select your artwork.


On the day of the session, I’ll have a selection of outfits ready, and a mimosa or cup of coffee ready for you!