Kids Underwater: Minnesota Photographer

Photographing kids underwater is very different than working with adults. For one thing there is a lot more jumping and definitely more bubbles. Kids love my dress room and I love that they will put on a big poofy prom dress and then keep googles on so they don’t get water in their eyes.

Whenever I have family over I always get them in the pool! These are my nieces. I love that the Signe wouldn’t put on a dress and is in her swimsuit and googles! It totally makes the picture for me!

Another sister session. These had so much fun swimming toward each other!

Kids have so much more fun in the water anyway! Doing handstands and somersaults. They naturally spend time at the bottom of the pool and are less concerned and unconsciousness about their session. I love Bella’s googles with the one blue and one red lens. It’s the perfect compliment to her dress!

Karson is an amazing dancer and brought all of his personality to his underwater session!

I don’t have too many small dresses in my collection for kids to wear but I’m adding to it all of the time. One of my favorites¬† though is this layered ruffled red dress.

Summer rocked the red and the purple dress!

Gertie came along with her mom to her maternity session and we had to take images of her alone too.

Iola is practicing to be a mermaid and just waiting until she gets her tail. She also spends lots of time as a fairy.

Younger kids underwater involve a lot of jumping. It’s always a challenge to get a great photo with the bubbles and movement but when it works its super fun!

Photographing kids underwater is another way to celebrate them and create pictures for them to remember the fun of swimming and playing in the water!