Underwater Mermaid Portraits-Minneapolis

When I first started exploring underwater photography I fell in love with mermaids! I have been so lucky to been able to do several underwater mermaid portraits over the last few years. The tails are works of art! Plus you can actually have a job as a professional mermaid!

Abby is a mermaid and works at both the Minnesota Renaissance and Arizona Renaissance festivals. She is like a real mermaid and looks like she could live at the bottom of the pool!

Katrin is another mermaid that works that the festival. One of the fun things when you work with mermaids is that they can stay underwater for a long time and sit on the bottom. Katrin thought it would be funny to read a magazine at the bottom of the pool.

Kathryn is another mermaid that works in Minnesota. She has unbelievable form and expression underwater! I love the colors in her tail! The merge from the purple to the yellow is so pretty.

Kathryn does the best underwater kisses!

If you want to be part of a mermaid squad here in the twin cities. The CityPages wrote and article about the Minnesota Merfolk. Dawn was the mermaid featured in the article! She brought two tails for her underwater mermaid portrait, plus had mermaid colored hair! Dawn takes her tails with her and swims in the ocean!

Ashley is one of those people who is endlessly creative! She came with a collection of wigs and her amazing purple and yellow tail! It was a perfect match for one of the tops in my collection.

Even if you don’t have a tail summer is here and I would love to create underwater art for you! Let’s chat about your ideas for your own session!

Where to get tails:

Finfolk Productions started here in Minnesota! They have gorgeous custom silicone tails but just started a line of fabric tails to start you into the world of mermaiding (I know this is probably not a real word but it works)!

Mertailor is another place to order your mermaid tail. They also have both fabric and silicone tails.

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