Underwater Trash the Dress-Wedding Photography

An Underwater trash the dress session with your wedding gown is a great way to use it again after the wedding. Unless you are a Friend’s fan and like to hang out in your dress eating popcorn, drinking beer and watching movies! Which actually you could still do after it dried out for a few days! But seriously, wedding dresses underwater are the best! The many layers and beautiful lace are magical! Some of my very favorite underwater sessions were with wedding dresses.

One of my first underwater session with a wedding gown was with Kate! Besides the dress we added red fabric and a flower crown..

One of the great things about wedding dresses is that you can use the outside lace layer as a hood. It gives you the option for more looks and drama!

Also one of the great things about underwater photography are the reflections. Sometimes you get almost a mirror image.

Many brides don’t want to take their dress in the water but Lexi’s dress was perfect for her trash the dress underwater session! I think anytime there is that gorgeous delicate lace it there are so many opportunities for ethereal images.

If you want to keep your wedding dress pristine and pack it away you can still do an underwater session in a wedding dress. As I got interested in underwater photography I started collecting dresses. One of my favorite dresses to use underwater is so big that it goes almost the full length of the pool! I’ve had a few people use this dress and it looks different all of the time.

Old vintage dresses have the most beautiful lace! Nik (who owns Andrea’s Vintage Bridal) brought a dress from the 1040’s that had the best lace. The dress was pretty fragile and started to fall apart during the session. While normally that would be a bad thing, underwater it just makes it better.

If you want your own trash the dress session get in touch. I’d love to hear about your ideas and make some art together!