Underwater Maternity Photos: Minneapolis Photographer

There are so many reasons to have underwater maternity photos! The number one reason is that you are beautiful and deserve to have images that celebrate your pregnancy!

You are beautiful!

One of the most fascinating and wonderful things about being pregnant is watching your body change as the baby grows. Showcasing the changes with beautiful, artistic images is one great way to commemorate your pregnancy. The truth is, while pregnancy is hard, there is something simultaneously magical about it. You’re growing a new life, and you’re the only one your child is depending on. You feel every hiccup, every kick, and every headbutt to your ribs. You’re completely connected. When I was pregnant I loved feeling the baby move and seeing my belly get bigger ( well I didn’t always love the bigness of my belly especially when I couldn’t see my feet).

Having a maternity session will help you remember what it’s like to be pregnant.

Once your baby is born you move into being a mom with all of the busyness of life with kids. Having a maternity session will bring you back to being pregnant and freeze that moment in time with artistic images of your bump.

Your family is about to change and it’s a great way to involve the siblings.

Adding a baby to the family changes everything especially for the siblings.They may be excited or struggling with the idea of a new addition to the family. I like to have the focus be on them for a few moments. I also encourage them to interact with the baby. It is a little more challenging underwater but so fun when it works!

You can get really creative with underwater maternity photos!

One of my favorite things about underwater photos is being able to play with fabric and it is especially wonderful with maternity sessions. The reflections are magical and reminds me of kaleidoscope images! Plus when you are pregnant you are  really buoyant and it’s hard to stay under.

If it really works the reflections make a shape like a butterfly!

If you want to talk about an underwater maternity session I’d love to hear from you! Let’s chat!

I have a room full of skirts, dresses and fabric but if you’d like a special dress to wear underwater you can rent gorgeous dresses at Mama Bump Rentals.