Underwater mini sessions in Arizona

One of the biggest challenges as an underwater photographer is that I live in Minnesota! I have a list of all of the places I want to visit which led to me visiting Phoenix.  It was my first time doing underwater mini sessions and Arizona was the perfect place!  Last year I worked with a costume designer who made me an amazing skirt to use. While it’s incredible have a custom piece,I wanted to learn how to make my own things to use underwater. I took a class from a local dress designer Joynoelle. In addition to making gorgeous wedding dresses she does a runway collection every year. Part of taking the class was showing our work at fashion show.

Now as a beginning seamstress making things for underwater sessions I was a little panicked to show my work since I am such a beginner. I came up with the idea to photograph my collection underwater and then show the finished images at the show. Back to the challenge of living in Minnesota. The class was in February and the show was in April. So I messaged a few of my friends that lived in Arizona and made a plan to spend 3 days there doing mini sessions, working in a couple of different pools. I had made several skirts and tops from old dresses that I ripped up and repurposed.

One of my other favorite things is to bring a piece of fabric in the water. I keep experimenting with different types of fabric. This is a cheap synthetic chiffon and moves like water creating beautiful shapes!

This skirt and top were awesome! Pleats make such cool reflections!

One skirt:

This skirt was put together from several other pieces and is so much fun! It looks different depending on what it’s paired with and how the layers float.

It was so much fun to see what everyone picked from the tops, skirts and fabric!

I’m happy to travel anywhere! If you want information about underwater mini sessions contact me!